About Future Minds Kindergarten & Child Care


Future Minds Kindergarten & Child Care is a Private Organization, owned by  Mrs. Kuvethini Manoharan of  242/2, Trinco Road, Batticaloa.


Future Minds Kindergarten & Child Care has been established with the intention of providing activity based early childhood development and evening childcare for certain number of kids in the age range between 2 - 6 towards enabling them to have simulative environment for brain development, and develop their Personal Qualities, Good behavioral Patterns, Attitude and Basic skills to move to their School studies.


Future Minds Kindergarten & Child Care is looking forward to work with the age group of 2 – 5 years which could be described as the foundation stage. It is a distinct stage and important both in its own right and in preparing children for later schooling. Future Minds Kindergartens’ curriculum is carefully structured with provision at the Play Group for the different starting points and then to continuously build at Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten till they reach the Early Learning Goals.


Future Minds Kindergarten & Child Care is emerging in the capacity of undertaking to manage 75 numbers of children age between 2 -5 in different groups as follows.



1. Play group                 - 25 children - 2 - 3 years

2. Lower kindergarten  - 25 children - 3 - 4 years

3. Upper Kindergarten  - 25 children - 4 - 5 years

Child Care Facilities


Future Minds Kindergarten & Child Care is also providing Evening Child care facilities to its student members to assist their parents to concentrate on their work without worries until 4.30 p.m.


The following activities have been arranged in the Child Care Facility package based on the age of Kid.







Creative activities

Introduction of Astronomy

Gardening and So on..


Good standard Bed & Wash room facilities have been established for the Child Care users. And also well trained Caretakers will handle the kids, So Parents will be having free mind for them to involve in their work without worries.

Resource Panel of Future Minds


Mental Health: Dr. T.Gadambanathan, Consultant Psychiatrist, Teaching Hospital, Batticaloa.


Child Health Care: Dr. Chithra Gadambanathan, Consultant Pediatrician, Teaching Hospital, Batticaloa.


Medical Officer: Dr. S Anputhasan, Medical Officer, Pediatric Unit, Teaching Hospital, Batticaloa.




The Resource panel will be involving in the following intervention.


Continuous upgrading of Activity Module


Teachers and Care Takers Training


Continuous inspection of school environment and suggestion to Management for upgrading.


Attending Monthly Parents Meeting and involving in the discussion with Parents.



Future Minds Kindergarten is first ever Kindergarten in Batticaloa to provide this service, this is very much appreciated by parents. Future Minds Kindergarten is very happy occupy the kids most elite group of Batticaloa at the moment.





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