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Future Minds Kindergarten & Child Care has been established with the intention of assisting certain number of potential kids in different category towards enabling them to develop their Personal Qualities, Good behavioral Patterns, Attitude and Basic skills to move to their School studies through admiring environment and facilitators.


How to Register?


You can download the following form and fill it and submit us back at


You can also bring the form back to our office at 242/2, Trinco road, Batticaloa.


If you have more questions, please contact us.






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Terms and Conditions


The following documents have to be submitted at the time of  interview


1) Attested photocopy of Birth Certificate.

2) Photocopy of Record Sheet of the previous Preschool attended.

3) Photocopy of Progress Report (if applicable)


NOTE  : All the Originals must be submitted for verification at the time of admission.


Policy for Payment of School Fees


School fee has to be paid by Cash at the accounts section in the school premises.

Fee schedule given in the prospectus is subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the School Management.

The mere submission of an application for admission does not guarantee the admission.


1st Semester      September  -   December

2nd Semester    January         -   April

3rd Semester     May               -   August


Payment of school fee has to be paid either before the commencement of the every semester or before the start of the month (If the payment is arranged on monthly basis).

If the payments are not completed within the stipulated period, students will not be admitted to enter the class room.

Payments will be as follows.


Admission Fee LKR. 20,000 Have to be paid to get an admission to any level of study.


Payment Fees

Level of Study


Play group

Lower Kindergarten

Upper Kindergarten

Term Fee (LKR)





Monthly Fee (LKR)





If there is a withdrawal of a student from the School, in the middle of the term, he /she has to pay the entire fee for that particular term and the  Record Sheet will be issued after two weeks of the completion of the formalities required for the same. (If the reason is valid interms of humanity the leaving is handled possivetively)


Parents are also requested to honor, agree and support the Managements’ decision in making sure that there child /children will be given equal opportunities of participating in Co-curricular activities, school clubs, after school activities, English literary activities and all other related school activities. In the event of your child / children being selected for any of the above mentioned activities, parents bound to accept to pay the total cost of expenses which will be addition to the term fee.


Full Terms and Conditions with Rules and Regulations are available to download as PDF. Download Terms and Conditions with Rules and Regulations.

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